Insider Tips For Buying Longboard Bearings

Sunday , 6, September 2020 Leave a comment

Longboard skateboards mini longboard  are unique and require their own set of accessories than your standard skateboard does. It is important to distinguish the difference between the various trucks, decks and wheels required for these kind of boards before buying one. If you aren’t familiar with the parts and accessories you need, you could end up wasting a lot of money.

One of the most important parts of any longboard is the bearings. These parts go inside the actual wheels and help control the speed at which the wheels turn. A good set of bearings can be the difference between a fast, smooth board, and a clunky, slow board.

This is why it is important to educate yourself about the various types of bearings available for your longboard and the types you should be using for maximum performance.

Most longboard bearings come in either ceramic or steel. A ceramic bearing will have a set of ceramic balls encased inside the bearing. They are almost always used by all pro skateboarders due to their reliable performance standards. The ceramic bearings are rust resistant and more resistant to friction, which basically means they can take more of a beating than steel bearings. They are also lighter than the steel bearings.

The steel bearings are of course made out of steel and are generally cheaper than ceramic bearings. Steel bearings are susceptible to rust and in many cases the rust will prevent them from spinning at all, which will then make them completely worthless.

When you visit your local skateboard shop, don’t be afraid to ask the employees for their recommendations. Keep in mind that the better the bearing quality, the higher the price. The final decision will come down to how much you skate and how aggressively. If you just do a lot of cruising, then paying top dollar for the bearings probably isn’t a good idea. However, if you do a lot of trick skating, then it is probably worth investing in a high quality bearing.

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